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Product name:Isosorbide Dinitrate
Chemical name: 1,4:3,6()
CAS: 87-33-2
Structural formula:

Molecular formula:C6H8N2O8
Molecular weight: 236.14
Properties: white crystal powder, no smell, dissolved in acetone or chloroform, slightly dissolved in ethanol or water.
Melting point: 68-72°C
Spin degree: +135-140°
Usage: vasodilator medicine, treatment for angina, coronary heart disease, heart block etc. heart and blood vessel disease
1. Nitrate Take 0.25g Isosorbide Dinitrate with 5 ml water and shake 5 minutes, then filtrate, put the filtrated liquor in test tube and add 5ml vitriol, fully shake. Drip 5ml Fe2SO3 along with the tube wall to form two interfaces. The interface should not become palm immediately.
2. Dry weight loss Put some Isosorbide Dinitrate into the silica gel drier, dried to a stable weight, the weight loss should be less than 0.5%.
3. The burning residue less than 0.1%.
Content: the content of C6H8N2O8 should be 97.0-102.0% under dry status.
Quality standard: USP28
Packing: packed in paper barrel per 25 kg with inner sealed plastic bag in paper barrel
Functions: Vasodilator medicine
Storage: sun proof and sealed
Note: the item contains nitryl and easily explodes, rough handling, such as strike, knock etc. should be avoided in storage, packing and transportation so as to keep safe. If permitted, lactose could be mixed in to clear up Isosorbide Mononitrate's explosive.

This product was invented by Shandong Pharmacy Industry Research Institute. And Shandong Pharmacy Industry Research Institute Pharmacy Factory has manufacture this item for long with mature techniques and stable quality.